Communicating Diversity and Equality through Teaching and Engagement

As teachers we cannot be satisfied that our role in society has been fulfilled by limiting our teaching to what happens within the 4 walls of our classrooms.

We have the ability to remove walls and any other obstacle so that we can reach further. Our classrooms ought to be open so that as many people as possible can join and benefit from the opportunity to learn with others.

We can design our teaching so that it is accessible and inclusive. If we can, we must. For it is only when we give that we have. To give as much as it is possible is only in our best interest as educators. We all want to live in societies that are knowledgeable, sensitive and tuned in. We want healthy communities. Education makes us all healthy. If there are people who do not have access to education,  it means that the body of our community, our global village, is not yet well. We have to keep open minded to change that.


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