The teaching resources provided were originally conceived for students of Spanish at subsidiary beginners' level. Beginners Level may mean many things, but it is more and more rare that it implies total lack of knowledge. This may of course depend on the language to learn. In my case, most students that I have had at beginners' level have had some previous contact with the language, if only briefly or superficially, by the time they turned up in class. Some of them had also been traveling or visited for holidays places that motivated them to learn more formally, "with structure", as some put it. 

That structure is in place in my teaching, and the resources presented here are used in a particular sequence, combining grammar-focused sessions with oral practice in the same week. However, this pattern can be altered and adapted to suit your own needs. 

There is a post per each teaching session with a brief introduction to set the context. It is up to you to decide which of these posts are fitting your teaching context, or how you could make use of them.


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