The Stephen Spender Prize 2020 for poetry in translation

 opened book on brown table
There are some exciting changes this year – to make the prize more inclusive than ever, they are welcoming translations from rap and spoken word, as well as from BSL poetry. There will also be more prizes and commendations in the youth categories. It is a great opportunity to work on your translation skills to meet a goal like this one. Do not miss the chance!

You can download guidance and tips: from how to choose your poem, to the first draft, editing process and more! 
Translate into English any poem from ANY language! 

See the Stephen Spender Trust site for all their latest information, including entry guidelines and resources. The perfect activity for remote-learning, for all ages!

The judges will be Mary Jean Chan, Khairani Barokka and Daljit Nagra.

"I would encourage you to spend ample time on hearing the original poem speak, especially if it is in a language that you know. As a creative writer, your task is then to see how best to translate not just the meaning of the source text, but also its musicality, its cadences, its rhythms of speech. Draft the translation boldly; the meticulous editing process can come afterwards.''
- Mary Jean Chan


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