How to be an Antiracist

Non-racist is a term of denial and weaker on the face of the term "racist". Racism intersects with class, culture and geography and creates false hierarchies of human value. It changes the way we see and value ourselves.

Creating racial-equity through policies or individual actions is being an anti-racist. The term "anti-racist" indicates the active, engaged agency that is needed to truly contest racist actions and policies.

Ibram X. Kendi, a history scholar, explains in his book How to be an Antiracist, all we need to know to shift our perspective, to start the active engagement we need to produce much more fair societies. 

We need to educate ourselves in the art of becoming better citizens,  and this book offers us a great opportunity to reflect and to become more conscious about our unquestioned beliefs and misconceptions. The first place to become an anti-racist is within ourselves. 

While you get the book, you can get started by reading The American Nightmare, an article in The Atlantic by Ibram or with this podcast, where Ibram discusses with Brené Brown, not to be missed!


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