Creating a form in Microsoft 365

Data protection is a big topic in organisations. Taking care that your individual choices comply with the standards that your organization has defined, affect many aspects of our work these days. Among those things that should be data compliant is the data that we obtain through questionnaires. 

Just because you store all your personal data in, say, Google and nothing ever happened, does not mean that it is safe to keep it there nor that your organisation will be indifferent to you storing organisation data in your private account.

Play it safe and be consistent. If your organisation uses Microsoft Office 365, as many do these days,  and Office 365 is covered by your organisation's data agreements, be aware of this fact and accept that this is how you are going to manage data. 

Below, you will find a very short tutorial to know how to use one of MS most useful applications, one that is used often to extract and store data: Microsoft Forms.



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